It's hard to think that an event that happened 26 years ago has affected me so profoundly.  But the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing did just that.  I remember the day so clearly.  My daughter was going on a field trip to Oklahoma City, and she was pretty excited about it.

Day after Nichols trial remembering at OKC Memorial
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Got the kids off to school, then I headed into work my self.  At the time, I was working at Cook's Photography Studio, as a photographer, and working in the lab, printing pictures of all of the little league kiddos.  I had just gotten settled when my boss came down to the lab and asked if I had heard what happened.  I had not.  He said there had been a bombing in Oklahoma City.  My blood instantly went cold. Had my daughter's class already gotten there?  I went up to the front and watched on television what millions across the country saw, devastation in downtown Oklahoma City.

168 people, including 19 children lost their lives on this day 26 years ago today.  The truck bomb left by Timothy McVeigh left a mark on Oklahoma City, and the entire state.

Governor Kevin Stitt spoke at a ceremony this morning remembering the victims and the heroes of this tragic day. In his comments he urged Oklahomans to be careful that we don't be come swayed by fear and misinformation.  He quoted the Reverend Billy Graham in his comments.

“In the days following the attack, Rev. Billy Graham issued a challenge to Oklahomans, and to the world,” said Gov. Stitt. “He said, ‘The forces of hate and violence must not be allowed to gain their victory – not just in our society, but in our hearts. Nor must we respond to hate with more hate.’


“Never in our lifetime has it been easier for us to be divided. It feels like everywhere we turn, someone or something is trying to drive a wedge between us.


“Like Rev. Graham challenged us 26 years ago, we must guard our hearts from the forces of hate and violence. Oklahoma, we have come too far to give in now.”

Do you have events like these that you remember changed your life?  I know that I tell my children that I love them almost to the point they get sick of hearing it.  I know that I value life so much more than ever, and I never take my life or happiness for granted.

By, the way, my daughter's class was on there way when the bombing occured, and they were turned around and sent back to school.  Very happy Momma when I heard that news!

Where were you when the bombing of the Murrah Building in OKC happened?  Leave a comment below.

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