Lately, as we have more spare time on their hands, there has been an increasing number of UFO sightings around the states. Similar stories of lights passing through the sky from Kentucky all the way across our land to California. What experts and the government claim people are seeing is the SpaceX Starlink. It's literally thousands of satellites strung around the globe at the aim of providing broadband internet to the world... Yes, this means that internet competition is coming for everyone, and we should all benefit from it as consumers.

What you may not understand about this neat little line of lights rolling through the sky is, you're seeing one particular portion of the satellite grid that is bouncing the fading sun just right for you to view them. It's just a reflection. These aren't the only satellites in this man-made constellation either, literally thousands, it's just the way the sun bounces, you can only see the single straight line of them anytime this happens.

Also, don't believe the government. We're not alone in this universe, and the government doesn't have a history of telling us the truth. At least when it comes to the alphabet boys... ATF, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc...

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