Well here we go again. As if all the COVID-19 pandemic related adds with all their nauseatingly cliche phrases and keywords weren't enough. Now we can add to the list all the advertisers and brands who are using the recent protests and riots to help sell their products. If you haven't seen any of these adds yet, just wait you will. Unfortunately they're using all the similar verbiage and overused wording as the COVID-19 commercials. They can't be serious!

YouTube channel Funny Business has once again knocked it out of the park with their most recent creation. The "Brand" returns and is brought to the forefront for another hilarious parody commercial that's one part funny and two parts true. If you haven't seen the "Brand" COVID-10 parody check it out here. Just like the first "Brand" add the new one exposes all the corporations and advertisers trying to take advantage of the protests and riots with all the usual lip service. Sadly I've actually seen a few commercials just like this from real advertisers. What are they thinking?

When you read between the lines and decipher all the flowery language it's pretty clear that these advertisers aren't too concerned with the state of the world, just the state of the bottom line. They wish to appear as human and caring, that's not a bad thing but if you really cared why not do something positive and make an actual change for the better. I love how all these companies and celebrities are coming out insisting on change, what took you so long?

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