The votes have been caste, tabulated and counted, and here are the outcomes to last week's run-off and bond issues elections in Southwest Oklahoma.

In the race for Republican nominee for the nomination to run for the State Senate seat in the 31st district, Addington's Chris Kidd will be the nominee, defeating Toni Hasselbeck by less than 100 votes, 1710 to 1617, a 51% to 49% victory. In another run-off election, Democratic voters in Harmon County, decided Larry Harmon was their nominee for the District 3 Commissioners seat by a count of 27 to 22. A third run-off election, this one in Jackson County for the Democratic nomination for District 3 commissioners seat ended in 92 to 64 victory for Buddy Dehtan over David Renfro.

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Several bond issues were decided across the region with last week's vote. Hobart voters approved a $4.595 million school bond by more than a 2-to-1 margin, with 484 votes approving the bond request and 216 voters voting against the bond. The bond, to be used for a new 30,000 square foot gymnasium, received 69% approval, needing 60% to pass.

Voters in Rush Springs Public School district also approved a bond proposition, passing their's with a 71% super majority. 212 voters approved the request while 88 voters were against the proposal.

There were two school bonds issues on the ballot in the Waurika Public School district. Both bonds passed with a super majority, both propositions passed with 71% approval, with 331 votes in favor and 132 votes against. Proposition 2 had 329 votes in favor and 136 against.

In Fletcher, voters resoundingly approved the franchise deal between the town and Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

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Voters in the Flower Mound Public School and Elgin Public School districts did not did not vote in favor of their bond propositions with a 60 % super majority. It was a 50/50 split in the Flower Mound District, with 91 votes for and 90 against the proposition. Voters in Elgin caste a total of 860 votes in favor of their bond issue, for a total of 53% approval and 753 votes against the bond, or 47%.

The town of Fletcher proposition passed with 93% of the votes in favor. There were 144 votes in favor and 11 votes against the proposition. There was only one precinct.

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