We have a new mural in Lawton Fort Sill. Maybe you've already seen it, you can find it on the side of Zoom Groom located at 910 West Gore Boulevard. I saw it earlier today on my way to lunch and had to pull into the parking lot to take a quick picture. While I was there a couple were taking selfies and even brought their dogs along for the photo shoot. I'm betting this mural will be a very popular spot for people and pets to take family photos. It was only a matter of time before "man's best friend" became the subject of a mural in Lawton. It's an incredible painting and the size is just as impressive. It's very detailed, the dogs jump off the wall.

Trying to figure out when this was done and by whom I decided to do a little research. I went to the Zoom Groom's official Facebook page and got my answers. It was done by the Shaw Brother's: Terry and Darry Shaw along with Robert Peterson. A real mural dream team of artists came together to make this happen and the results speak for themselves! All 3 are very accomplished artists and if you've been in Lawton awhile I'm sure you've heard those names before. I'm a fan and always look forward to seeing their work around town and they never disappoint. We're lucky to have such talented artists in town and even luckier to be able to enjoy all their murals while out and about. It really brings a lot of smiles and happiness that's for sure.

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