We have a new mural in Lawton, Fort Sill. Maybe you've seen it on the side of Ares State Armory located at 2210 W. Gore Blvd. How appropriate that this new mural that adorns the South side of the building is none other than Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo. With Ares being a gun store it's a perfect match. It's a great mural and has already started getting attention. I swung by during lunch today to take a quick picture and there was already people there taking selfies and other photos.

I love driving around town and seeing all the murals and every so often a new one pops up like magic. Somehow I always miss seeing them work on these murals and end up seeing them when it's all finished. They're like paint ninjas. One day there's a blank wall, the next a fully painted mural. It's crazy at how fast they can get these done.

This new mural was painted by the Shaw Brothers, Terry and Darry Shaw. Both are accomplished artists and if you've been in Lawton awhile I'm sure you've heard those names before.They've painted several murals around town and are always on the look out for new places and walls they can paint. I'm a big fan and always look forward to seeing their work around town and they never disappoint.

We're lucky to have such talented artists in town and even luckier to be able to enjoy all their murals while out and about. It really brings a lot of smiles and happiness that's for sure.

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