David and I have attended the Iron Cowboy events since they first started in 2010. We are both PBR fans but haven't been able to watch it as much as we would like. One thing we will never miss is the Iron Cowboy competition in Dallas.

The Iron Cowboy is a bracket style competition pitting 24 cowboys against each other. It's not about making that 8 second ride but more about who can stay on their bull the longest. This year, not only did we see some of the best cowboys in the sport but the past two World Champion Bulls, Bushwacker and Asteroid were there.

The stadium literally exploded with excitement as the competition got under way. Here is a video of L.J. Jenkins getting 90 points on Jack Daniel's After Party:

After three rounds, Austin Meier was facing his cousin, L.J. Jenkins in the final round. Both of them from Oklahoma. L.J. lasted just 2.17 seconds on Asteroid while Austin managed to remain on Bushwacker for 2.67 seconds winning the $50,000!

Austin had a chance to double his winnings by getting on one more bull, Shepherd Hills Tested!  The ride didn't even last a full second.

Every year we bring friends with us and we make an entire weekend out of it.  This year, Nick and Tauna happened to be sitting in the exact right seats.  Out of the approximate 50,000 people that attended they ended up winning a VIP experience to the PBR event in Thackerville in August.  (They better be taking us with them!)

Nick and Tauna checking out their winnings!
Nick and Tauna checking out their winnings!


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