For a third year in a row, David and I along with our friends Nick and Tauna, are attending the PBR Iron Cowboy Event at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. The Iron Cowboy is a bracket style bull riding where two cowboys are pitted against each other and the one that can stay on their bull the longest moves on in the bracket and the other goes home.

If you want to take a look at the bracket, here it is.

Kody Lostroh (#15 in the world rankings) is in round 1 riding Palm Springs against Cord McCoy (#18) on Cyber Cat.  Cyber Cat is a debut bull here, but he's been to quite a few rodeos. He's only been ridden once in 18 outs, and has a lot of quick buckoffs, so McCoy has a tough task.  Kody, on the other hand, is on the PRCA top bucking bull of 2011 and he's a spinner!   So, you can see, the very first ride of the night is going to be exciting.

Bushwacker and Asteroid will be the top 2 bulls in the bracket.  Bushwacker comes in with a 100% buck off rate.  He has never been ridden the entire 8 seconds, but that's not what the Iron Cowboy challenge is all about.  It's "who can stay on their bull the longest"!  That's what makes the event so exciting.   We'll have to wait and see who will end up with the Million Dollar payout.

If you can't be at Cowboy stadium tonight, you can keep up with it here.  I'll be posting live updates throughout the evening.

[03 March 2012: 10:50 pm] The excitement just got to be too much for me!  I had to finish watching the event.  There were only 2 more qualified rides, Guilherme Marchi for a 70 on Cooper Tires American Owned and Austin Meier rode Rango for a total score of 91!!!  Austin is looking tired by the time he takes on Marco Eguche on Shepherd Hills Trapper.  Austin wins with a 5.06 and gets on Asteroid.  The final bracket is set; Austin Meier on Asteroid and J.B. Mauney (#6) on Bushwacker. Austin rides for 4.0 seconds and J.B. rides Bushwacker for 7.22 seconds and takes home $50,000!  One more bull to ride for another $50,000 and a nice trailer.  He just has to ride Buckey for 8 seconds.  If he bucks off the stock contractor gets the trailer.  And J.B. gets bucked off in less than 4 seconds but has won the 2012 PBR Iron Cowboy challenge!

[03 March 2012: 9:05 pm] One of David's favorite riders to watch, Ryan Dirteater (#19) is up next.  Ryan is from Hulbert, OK.   Ryan rides Carrillo Cartel for 5.35 and advances to take on the #8 cowboy on the Built Ford Tough Series, Guilherme Marchi (#3) on Cooper Tires American Owned.

[03 March 2012: 8:59 pm] At 4.91 seconds into the ride, Cody Nance (#14) slaps Jack Daniel's After Party and runs to hit the challenge buzzer but doesn't get there in time!  In Professional Bull Riding, the rider can challenge the judges decision by hitting a big red button and sounding the challenge buzzer.  It costs the cowboy $500 to challenge.  Somewhat like a coach challenging a call in football.  The officials look at the replay tapes and determine if the call should be overturned or if it remains.  In this case the cowboy has a short amount of time to get to the buzzer and Cody didn't make it so the decision that he slapped the bull remains and he goes home.

[03 March 2012: 8:53 pm]  Justin Koon (#23), in his bright red chaps, takes Gunpowder and Lead all the way to the 8 second buzzer for a score of 88.5 to advance in the bracket and take on L.J. Jenkins (#7).

[03 March 2012 8:47 pm] Kody Lostroh is strapping on and getting ready to ride his first bull, Palm Springs.  Oh MAN!  He bucks off in 6.2 so now it's up to Cord McCoy and Cord bucks off in 5.74! Crazy exciting!  Cord is one of my favorite riders.  Everytime he finishes a ride, whether he rides the entire 8 seconds or gets bucked off, you know as soon as he takes that helmet off he will have a smile from ear to ear.  He's a lot of fun to watch.

[03 March 2012 8:42 pm] Jordan Hupp (#14) rides Pure Smoke for 8 seconds, the first full ride of the night, for a score of 87 points and advances to take on Austin Meier.  The crowd is going wild.

[03 March 2012: 8:21 pm] I can smell the dirt as they work up the arena.  We just met all the riders for the event.  The place is fired up and everyone is getting excited for the event to start.  You can feel the music!  It's all very exciting.  Here we go!  OK, they just showed the stats for Renato Nunes (#6)- he's 5' 7" and 135 pounds!   The music keeps the crowd moving as the cowboys strap in.  Flint is entertaining the crowd with his moves.

[03 March 2012: 7:14 pm] Dierks Bentley singing his new song from his Home album - 5150! Woot!

[03 March, 2012 6:08 pm] Whew backup plan is always good. We had 4 tickets waiting for us at will call. We are in! Waiting for Dierks Bentley to take the stage. Tauna and I are set with our $16 margaritas.

[03 March 2012 5:07 pm CST] In the cab on our way to the stadium and I just realized the tickets are above the visor in my car which is parked in the driveway at Nick and Tauna's house.

[03 March 2012 3:00 pm CST ] Dinner at Bone Daddy's and our waitress is trying to get the biggest tip by flirting with our husbands. Um, that doesn't work!

[03 March 2012:  11:17 am CST] Headed to Dallas!  We want to get there early so we can get in on some of the early afternoon fan zone activities.  I want to see Flint Rasmussen!  He is the top barrel man in the world and funny.  Did you know that Flint was a math and history teacher at a small school in Montana before signing on with the PBR?  I learned that when I interviewed him back in 2009.


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