Nothing says celebrate like striking up the band and hearing the 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky!  That's exactly what is going to happen on Sunday, July 4th at Fort Sill's McNair Hall as Fort Sill 'Salutes the Union'.

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The ceremony starts at Noon, and will include the music of the 77th Army Band accompanied with actual cannon fire from the 428 Field Artillery Brigade Salute Battery.   This event is open to the public (visitor passes required at Gates), or if you cannot attend, it will be live streamed on Fort Sill's Facebook Page.

“Independence Day celebrates America's birth and honors those who developed and adopted the Declaration of Independence,” said Maj. Gen. Kenneth Kamper, Commanding General of the Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill. “ Those who serve in our armed forces, and their families, have given so much to defend the ideals and free institutions we often take for granted. These freedoms did not come easy.

As the child and mother of a Soldier, I have never taken our Freedom for granted.  I know that the liberties that we enjoy come with a price, first by the patriots what sought freedom from ruling countries, and even now as our soldiers fight for the safety of our country and for the freedoms that we enjoy.

I bought a  Independence Day themed tee shirt that says 'Freedom isn't Free', and on the reverse side it says 'Thank a Soldier'.  That is so true!  Make time this Holiday week and weekend to thank soldier that you may know.  And if you can, make plans to attend this wonderful celebration in front of historic McNair Hall on Fort Sill!  For more information, visit Fort Sill's Facebook Page.

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