School will soon be back in session, and that means parents will be shopping for their kid's school supplies and sports apparel! Luckily, Oklahomans can check out the Dick Warehouse clearance store in Oklahoma City for great deals.

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The Dick's Warehouse clearance store, or Dick's Warehouse Sale, is located at 3000 NW 59th Street in Oklahoma City, which is in the northwest part of the city. According to one Oklahoma TikToker, this is a great place for good deals on sports apparel for the whole family. Everything is always discounted, but sometimes the store will have special deals, like buy one get one half off, etc.

They said it's super organized, so it's not a hectic shopping trip and you're not digging through bins. You can get great discounts on all name brand clothes, like Nike and Under Armor. Even Crocs! I just know the kids are going to be wanting some new Crocs for school.

@tiffanyinoklahoma Come with me to Dicks Warehouse clearance store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for some back to school shopping. #oklahoma #okc #oklahomacity #dickswarehouse #dicks #backtoschoolshopping #oklahomablogger #okie #oklahomatiktok #oklahomacheck #clearancefinds #shopping #clearance ♬ Jazz Bossa Nova - TOKYO Lonesome Blue

Another Oklahoma TikToker took a trip to the Dick's Warehouse clearance store and said they've seen sales on sports apparel anywhere from 25 to 75 percent off. This place looks like it's huge! Especially since they have apparel for the whole family, plus other goodies like water bottles, outdoor supplies and more!

@ryaninoklahoma Come with me to Dick’s Warehouse Sale Store in Oklahoma City. They are having a bogo 50% off all footwear until 06/04! #oklahoma #oklahomatiktok #okie #405 #deals #shoes #summer #discount #edmondok #okc #sports #sportswear #men #women #kids #crocs #vans #heydudeshoes #hurley #okstate ♬ Island In The Sun - Weezer

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