Arrowhead Delivery has arrived in Lawton, and meals in the area will never be the same. Now, instead of having to get dressed up to head out for a dining experience, for a small fee of $5.99, you can have your meal delivered from an assortment of restaurants in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area.

The concept is simple, an app-based food delivery service that employs mobile waiters who will pick-up your food and then deliver it to your door, any location in Lawton. So far, customers can choose from McKenzie's Burgers, Swiggs Still & Grill, Wayne's Drive Inn and Buffalo Wild Wings, with three more, as of yet unannounced restaurants coming in the next few weeks.

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Arrowhead made its first deliveries in Lawton just yesterday, but it's anything but a new business. Owner Wes Roberts started the business in 2013 in Abilene, Texas, expanded to Wichita Falls in 2016 and is now looking to conquer the Lawton market.

To order a delivery, simply download Arrowhead's app, or go to the companies website. Then select the restaurant of your choice, and then your pick your meal. Customers have the option of paying either by credit or debit card at the app or website, or by cash on delivery. After completion of the order, your meal will be there within the hour by one of Arrowhead's 10 delivery people.

During their first day, Arrowhead made 12 deliveries, but they expect business to increase as the word of their service spreads.

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