Before we talk about the test drive that Critter and I took as the final one of the season, we really have to just say that all of the folks at Classic Lawton Chevrolet have been amazing.  A huge shout out to our Buddy Ray, he was our back seat driver and knower of all things Chevy each time we ventured out.  A few things that we know, Ray is tall and if he can fit into a back seat of even the smallest of cars we drove, that is really saying something.  He knows so much information about most of the makes and models of Chevrolets and that makes all the difference in the world.  I'd like to think it's because I asked great questions, but pretty sure that wasn't it at all

Sadly, this is our final test drive, at least they saved a great car for our last drive.  Enter the Chevy Malibu!  This car is on the smaller models that we got to drive, but just because it's a sedan doesn't mean it's not packed full of features!  This is one that I was worried about because of my knees, but am glad to say that I was able to slide right into the front seat with no problems.  Standard features include, Wifi, lane assist, rear camera, just to name a few.

Take a look at Jeri & Critter from KLAW 101's Morning Crew take their final test drive of the Sensational Summer of Classic Chevrolet:

Jeri: I can't say enough about the comfort in this Chevy Malibu!  Plenty of leg room in both the front and back seats, no too low to the ground to hurt my knees, and plenty of get up and go even with a 4 cylinder motor.  Plus, sleek lines and a smooth ride.  Yes, I can see a sedan in my future!

Critter: Stylish, sleek and affordable what else could you ask for? The Malibu is a lot more than just a sedan. Sure there's 4 doors and a trunk, but as soon as you take a seat and grab the wheel you feel like you're in a sports car. I love how the dash and display look, very classy and the bucket seats were incredible. Some of the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in, almost like memory foam...Very comfy. You get a lot of car for the money with the Malibu and the one we test drove had a 1.5 turbo so we put it through the paces. There's plenty of power and performance, but with fantastic gas mileage. You get the best of both worlds with the Malibu, it's a great car.

Thanks again to all of the gang at Classic Lawton Chevrolet for hosting us and letting us act like we do in real life!  We have had a ball!


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