Jeri & Critter are back with another installment of test drives with Classic Lawton Chevrolet!  This time, driving a Chevrolet Blazer.  This car is a bit larger than the Chevy Trailblazer that we took for a spin in our very first test drive.  I asked Ray if he'd refer to this model as a 'Mom Car'.  He said his wife drives one and she would say no, so he says 'No'!.I'll buy that!  What I do know is that there is ample leg room in both the front and back seats for this two row car, and plenty of storage/hauling space in the back.  I got to do the driving on this test drive, and it handles like a dream!  Tons of standard features that make safety a top priority.

Here's what Jeri & Critter though of this car!

Jeri - First, I LOVE the color.  It's like a rose gold color, but technically I guess it's a brown. I drive a Dodge Durango and this one is a bit smaller, but I can see myself downsizing to this size as my kiddos get older and I don't have to haul car seats when I pick them up.  I just don't need as much car as I did before.  And Ray said I could get DVD in the head rests in the back seats so that checks off the grand babies priorities! Great Car.  I enjoyed driving it very much. And yes, it really did try to turn into Kirklands!

CritterBoth Jeri and I couldn't get over the color, that's the very first thing you can't help but notice on the Blazer we got to test drive. It's an unusual gold/brown metallic that stands out in a good way. This time Jeri got to drive and I enjoyed being chauffeured around town. The passenger side was really comfortable and I had plenty of room. I got to touch and play with all the gadgets, buttons, knobs, levers and cool features while she drove. The design is top notch and everything is literally at your fingertips. It's a lot bigger than it looks for a mid-sized SUV. There's tons of room and space for cargo and with the flip down seats you can load it down in the back. It felt like it had plenty of power and drove really smooth. I would love to take it on a road trip, it's ideal for that task.

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