Joe Diffee was from Oklahoma.  Oklahoma and trucks go hand in hand.  Just remember the line from the Joe Diffee song, 'There's just something women like about a pick up man!'.  When you think pick ups, think Classic Chevrolet and the Sexy Silverado.  It's part of our Sensational Summer of Classic Chevrolet!

After our first test drive, we really wanted something with power, and you can't really get any more powerful, or durable than a 2020 Silverado from Classic Chevrolet.  Our guide Ray knows all the stats, and all the extras that are standard on many of the Silverados in stock at Classic Chevrolet.  Don't take our word for it, take a virtual test drive with Jeri and Critter and Ray!  Watch the video!

Now, here's what both Jeri and Critter thought about the test drive:

Jeri - I'm so glad that I get to go first talking about the all new 2020 Silverado.  I was first struck about how sleek this truck really is.  I'm petite (read short), and I was able to get in and out of this truck pretty easily, plus the push button tailgate is a must for a girl like me.  I love the comfort of the truck too.  The plush seats and lots of leg room in both the from and back seats.  You just can't go wrong with this truck!  I actually likes the all black features.  Black paint, black interior really makes a statement, and is most definitely a sexy summer car from Classic Chevrolet!

Critter - Now this is a sexy vehicle! I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and try out the 2020 Chevy Silverado. The one we test drove was a black Z71 and loaded with cool features. I really liked the external plug in/outlet near the tailgate, a regular 120 that would come in real handy on the job site and any tailgate party! It drove like a dream and incredibly smooth. We went over a few speed bumps and you couldn't even tell, no rocking or heavy bouncing. The seats and interior are top notch and very comfortable. The center console arm rest is perfectly aligned, has all kinds of storage and is a serious breakthrough in comfort technology. In other words "squishy" and utra-comfy. There's plenty of power and performance to spare.     

You'll find this and tons of Sexy Summer Cars right now at Classic Chevrolet!�� All kidding aside, this truck is something else!  We are honored to have taken it for a spin!

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