It's the question that's plagued mankind since the very beginning of large lead projectiles. Just how many pillows would it take to stop a 50 cal. bullet? Luckily for us we no longer have to fret over the answer thanks to YouTube channel Demolition Ranch. If you're unfamiliar with their work they perform some of the most revealing and entertaining experiments with firearms. These guys definitely science the s#!t out of it.

Talk about a dream job, spending your days blowing up and completely destroying things with guns for a living, Merica! Demolition Ranch is one of my all time favorite channels on YouTube and if you've wondered "can these guys keep it up, have they hit the wall of craziness, or is there anything left in the tank?" Then they release another video that defines expectation and takes it to another level.

Wait, haven't they done this before? Didn't they shoot pillows already. Yes, however this time around they'll be using memory foam pillows. Why? Well there's a difference and when there's a pandemic going on and you're bored as hell you'll do just about anything to occupy your time. Plus the memory foam pillow is very popular, more and more of us are using them as our preferred pillow of choice. Which means if for some reason you had to use one to defend yourself or a loved one from gunfire it would be nice to know how many you'd need to keep from being shot. These are important facts that one needs to know in order to live in relative safety.

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