Boomer sooner! Not anymore, it's Go Pokes at this household with the finger guns up.

Nothing I love more than making fun of an Oklahoma Sooner fan. However, I will give credit to Owen Pickard. He made a bet and it looks like he will be rocking it on his property this season. You see three years ago, Owen made a bet with his friend who is an Oklahoma State fan. Owen said over the next five years their is no way the Oklahoma State Cowboys will beat the Oklahoma Sooners.

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Owen's friend Marty Summers took him up on that bet. Hell I would have as well. Five years?! A lot can happen in five years Owen. I mean the overall record for the Cowboys against the Sooners is not good. 20-81-7 all time for the Cowboys against them. So I guess the odds were in Owen's favor.

Looks like Owen's bet started in 2018 and last year the unthinkable happened. Oklahoma State 37 Oklahoma 33. So what was the payoff to the bet? The replica Oklahoma Sooners field on Owen's property gets turned into an Oklahoma State field. First of all, super cool you have a replica field on your property. Second of all, can someone come do a Dallas Cowboys one at my house?

Now sure how Owen has to rock the design at his house. I think it should have to be at least until November 17th. That is when the Oklahoma rivalry kicks off again. I say if the Sooners win, he can repaint the field the next day. If the Cowboys win. Better get ready for another year of orange and black on that field Owen.

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