Oklahoma is no stranger to Hollywood stars! Recently, Jennifer Garner purchased her family's century-old farm near Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

Recently, Southern Living published an article written by Garner's mother, Patricia English Garner, and told the story of her family's farm in Oklahoma and how her daughter, Jennifer Garner, bought the farm and brought it new life.

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According to the article, Jennifer Garner's family purchased their farm in 1936 for $700. Her grandfather was a World War I veteran and it was the middle of the Great Depression. Her grandfather received a veteran's bonus from the military and used that to buy his a family their own place.

At the time, the farm had a two-room house and 20 acres of land - minus one acre, which was a Native American cemetery. Jennifer Garner's mother was born in 1938, two years after her family purchased the farm. Their earliest crops were leaf lettuce and radishes, and then they planted English peas and new potatoes. Their summer crops included beets, green, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. The family also had dozens of native pecan trees on the farm that they utilized for income and treats. They even had chickens, cows and pigs on the farm.

The farm has since been passed down to generations of Jennifer Garner's family. Today, Jennifer Garner now owns the farm, and her aunt and uncle, the previous owners, continue to live in the house they built on the farm when they owned it.

Jennifer Garner can be found working on the farm herself. And the farm is now a supplier for Once Upon a Farm, an organic snacks and meals company she co-founded.

According to the Once Upon a Farm website, Jennifer Garner's family farm grows pumpkins, blueberries, field peas, rye and wildflowers. Plus they house honeybees and cows.

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