As the weather cools off, camping season is about to kick off. Go prepared with one of these awesome stoves.

If you're a camper, chances are you have some sort of store-bought stove in your kit. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of these little stoves are pretty awesome. Like the Ion Micro Titanium. It's little bitty but packs a punch. The only downside is the camp fuel requirement.


There's always the wood stove. There are a ton on the market, but you can't beat the humble Altoid tin stove. It's simple, easy, cheap, and light.

All the same, we can dig deeper, cheaper. Take the Coke can stove for instance. Chances are, you've got a few dozen cans in your trash. Poke a few holes, smoosh them together, and presto... the ultimate cheap and light stove. All you need to run it is a little denatured alcohol (though it will run just fine on really cheap everclear)

While Coke cans are all the rage in camp stoves, there is a better way. Get yourself a four-pack of aluminum bottle beer. That aluminum is also light, but much thicker. It will bear weight, and won't suffer from the Coke can heat sink issues.

There you go. Get packed, get permits, go camping.