You've heard of car garage, fire station and barn cats, but what about a museum cat?? Well, a museum in Oklahoma City adopted a cat in 2019 and it has become a social media star.

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Introducing Sir Indiana Bones! He's the official office kitty at the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City.

Sir Indiana Bones currently has 24.7K followers on Instagram, under the username @sir.indiana.bones. He pretty much spends his days prowling the museum, doing quality control on the exhibits, observing special events, and, of course, napping on the job.

Museum staff have always wanted a staff pet.

According to an article from the Oklahoma Gazette, its been a dream of the staff at the Museum of Osteology for the museum to get a staff pet. They even formed a "Kitty Committee" to get management on board with the idea. Their persistence paid off as the staff finally got the opportunity to adopt a cat from the Moore Animal Shelter.

And it looks Sir Indiana Bones is a great help to the staff.

He's even better at customer service though!

According to the article from the Oklahoma Gazette, Sir Indiana Jones actually does his fair share of work at the museum! He is now an official employee and brings in the cash with his verified Instagram account. But Sir Indiana Bones does has a giving spirit as he often hosts donation drives and fundraisers for the Moore Animal Shelter.

So be sure to give Sir Indiana Bones a follow on Facebook and Instagram. You can even go meet him in-person at Oklahoma City's Museum of Osteology. And if you're a big fan, you can even pick up some of Sir Indiana Bones merch.

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