I hope you're ready for cuteness overload, because the Oklahoma City Zoo is bustling with cuteness! The zoo recently welcomed several babies, including a rare clouded leopard kitten and many flamingo chicks!

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According to the Oklahoma City Zoo Facebook page, the zoo recently welcomed several flamingo chicks to the world. We all know and love flamingos because of their vibrant pink feathers, and the fact that they often stand on one leg. They're one unique bird! But did you know that flamingos aren't born pink?!

They're actually born white/grey and with no feathers! As they grow up, their feathers will start to come in, but they won't come out pink. They'll first come out black before turning pink! Check out a video of the Oklahoma City Zoo's new flamingo chicks below.

Also welcoming a new baby is the Oklahoma City Zoo's clouded leopard Rukai! After 90 days of carrying her baby, Rukai gave birth to a male clouded leopard. According to the Oklahoma City Zoo Facebook page, this is the first birth of this vulnerable species in 2023! The baby clouded leopard was born July 18, and the caretakers have reported they have a healthy kitten!

Check out the photos below of the baby clouded leopard below for another dose of cuteness!

It's been a great year for babies at Oklahoma's zoos! Last month, the Tulsa Zoo announced the birth of a baby giraffe. And people who were at the Tulsa Zoo during the birth actually got to see the baby giraffe being born. The Tulsa Zoo recently posted on its Facebook page that the baby giraffe is growing up fast! She's already 150 pounds.

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