All kinds of emergencies can happen! That's why it's important to know all the emergency numbers in Oklahoma.

Of course, 911 is the ultimate emergency number. You should always call 911 if you need immediate medical assistance or there is an urgent need for police assistance. But sometimes an emergency or an accident might not have as high as an urgency for the use of 911, which could be considered a "non-emergency" but you still need assistance. That's why it's important to know the phone numbers that can assist you in those minor times of need.

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Need assistance on an Oklahoma highway? Call *55.

It can be dangerous to talk on your phone while driving, but it's a good idea to have your phone with you in the car in case of an emergency. According to the Oklahoma University Police Department, you can dial 911 for emergencies in almost any state, 911 operators often have a high call volume, so if you have a "non-emergency," like incidents that are highway-safety related, it's best to call *55 in Oklahoma.

This special number, *55, will direct you straight to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol dispatch services to report highway/vehicle related problems, including "vehicle breakdowns/problems, accidents, hazardous material spills, or other highway hazards/problems, as well as impaired or aggressive/reckless drivers and other criminal behavior."

Call the Oklahoma Poison Control Center for poison exposure questions.

If you think you were exposed to poison or may have ingested something you shouldn't have, then you'll want to give the Oklahoma Poison Control Center a call at 800-222-1222. You can also call them about insect bites and strings or rashes and plants - anything that concerns the prevention and management of potential toxic exposures.

Everyone needs someone to talk to.

If you're struggling mentally, you can call 988 in Oklahoma for the state's mental health lifeline. The number, 988, is a "direct, three-digit lifeline that connects you with trained behavioral health professionals that can get all Oklahomans the help they need." When you call 988, you'll be connected to a mental health professional to talk you through what's going on. According to the 988 website, "about 90 percent of the time, things can get sorted with just a phone call."

If more help is needed, the 988 call center will send a mobile crisis team to asses and intervene if need be. If even more help is needed, transportation will be provided to to help those in need safely arrive at an urgent care or crisis center.

More hotlines available for Oklahomans.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has a full list of hotlines for other emergencies or non-emergencies Oklahomans may be experiencing. Click here for the full list of hotline numbers.

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