It's morel mushroom season in Oklahoma! You can currently find the coveted fungi in 30 counties of the Sooner State.

Morel mushrooms are tasty treats that can be found in Oklahoma only during the spring. So morel mushroom season is a big deal for Okie fungi enthusiasts. Right now, early spring, is the best time to hunt for morel mushrooms across the Sooner State.

According to Oklahoma Fungi, the morel mushroom season officially started on Feb. 26 but over the last week or so, more morel mushrooms have started popping up across the Sooner State. As of March 12, Oklahoma Fungi has estimated that morel mushrooms are now showing up in 30 counties across the state.

Where are the morel mushrooms?

Based on the map from Oklahoma Fungi, it looks like morel mushrooms can be found in southeast and eastern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Fungi Facebook
Oklahoma Fungi Facebook

How do you find morel mushrooms?

According to Oklahoma Fungi, not all morel mushrooms are the yummy treats that are highly sought after. Oklahoma Fungi urges mushroom hunters to always ID their mushrooms before consuming. Oklahoma Fungi has 10 foraging tips for morel mushrooms:

  1. Always ID your wild mushrooms - If needed, consult and expert. And if in doubt, throw it out.
  2. Respect nature and regulations - Only take what you need and get permits if needed.
  3. Follow weather patterns - Humidity and sunshine make the perfect recipe for morel mushrooms.
  4. Timing is key - Morel mushrooms are found March through May in Oklahoma.
  5. Find the right location - Morel mushrooms love old trees and creek beds.
  6. Be patient and keep your eyes open - Finding morel mushrooms is like a scavenger hunt!
  7. Enjoy nature - Take a moment to touch grass.
  8. Learn indicators - Nature offers a lot of signs for morel mushrooms locations!
  9. Get a guide - Purchase a local mushroom guide.
  10. Use a mesh bag - This is the best way to carry your morel mushrooms!

For more details on the 10 foraging tips or to keep track of the morel mushrooms in Oklahoma, check out the official website for Oklahoma Fungi.

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