People have always said to "love what you do." Like with your job, your livelihood - you should love what you do. But sometimes, after doing what you do for so long, it can become tiresome and mundane. And Oklahoma's Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is no exception to this.

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If you don't know, Ree Drummond is the famous Pioneer Woman from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She has built a Pioneer Woman empire that all started in 2006 with her food blog. She now has a show on the Food Network, The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, a clothing line, a cookware line and, of course, she has written several cookbooks full of her recipes. She is an Oklahoma female icon, and we LOVE her.

Recently, Ree Drummond spent some time with some newer Oklahoma female icons, Jenn and Pumps, on their podcast, "I've Had It." And the episode was like sitting around the table with all over your favorite aunts. They talked about all the things they've had it with lately, annoying things their kids do, and they played a thrilling round of the podcast's game, "had it or hit it."

One thing the Pioneer Woman has had it with: recipes.

Now, that may come a shock to you because every Oklahoman loves a Pioneer Woman recipe; it's like a brag. If you take a dish to someone's party or something, and someone compliments you, it's so exciting to say, "thank you, it's a Pioneer Woman recipe."

But during the episode, Jenn asks Ree: "Have you had it with cooking and the recipes even though you're the Pioneer Woman? Have you sometimes just had it with that stuff?" Ree responds, "Oh yeah."

The Pioneer Woman would rather throw everything together instead of following a recipe.

One of the questions during the podcast's game, "Had It Or Hit It," Jenn asks Ree: "Had it or hit it? Recipes." And Ree, without missing a beat, responds: "I've had it with recipes."

Now, this may come as a shock for most Oklahomans, because Pioneer Woman recipes are like a religion. We love to go to a party and bring one of her dishes because when someone says it's delicious, it's thrilling to say, "thank you; it's a Pioneer Woman recipe!" And everyone is always so impressed.

But what Ree really means is that when it's the end of the day and it's time for dinner, she doesn't want to get a cookbook off the shelf, search for her reading glasses and flip through the book for a recipe. She wants to do what she enjoys doing, cooking. And don't fret. She said one of her joys is putting together dishes and then writing them down in a cookbook for others. So we won't be missing any new Pioneer Woman recipes in the future!

Watch the full podcast episode of "I've Had It" featuring the Pioneer Woman below!

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