As the future history goes... Skynet--an artificial intelligence (AI) network--was created to aid Strategic Air Command (SAC) and North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) in defending our American freedoms from attack.

Long story short, and it shouldn't be spoilers after 39 years, Skynet decides that humans are the biggest threat to humans and goes about exterminating them worldwide... except there's a hero that poses a threat to Skynet in the future, so the AI world time travels an assassin cyborg back in time to kill his mother...

In 1984 the world learned Arnold Schwarzenegger could act, Linda Hamilton was a total bad***, and messing about with artificial intelligence within the military-industrial complex was a really bad idea. Five sequels followed The Terminator.

Skip forward to 2023, I'm wasting time on social media and run across this advertisement.


Artificial intelligence-powered air defense. Have we learned nothing from future us? It's literally the plot to Schwarzenegger's biggest movie franchise and they've found a home in Lawton.

Obviously, there's an unlimited amount of jokes to be had over the (very) little information you'll find about Cyberdyne Camgian. Their website talks mostly about their AI use in what is probably some seriously hush-hush developments in the most anonymous way imaginable.

From the battlefield to the production line, Camgian delivers enterprise AI that cuts through the fog of data to drive new levels of productivity and performance.

I have no idea what that means, but the premise of AI air defense developing in Lawton a full six years before Skynet sends the first assassin cyborg through time has child-me giddy with

It's worth noting Camgian has announced $10million in new contracts to develop their AI-powered air and missile defense automation at FISTA inside the Lawton mall. It's always nice to see something new come out of your town.

Still, '90s me is giggling over the Skynet similarities.


Time will tell if we'll inevitably meet our doom at the titanium hands of a terminator. At least then Lawton could potentially be #1 at something in America.

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