Yesterday (05-12-21) the Texas House rejected changes made by the Senate to the "Constitutional Carry" (House Bill 1927) which has stalled the bill from reaching Governor Greg Abbott's desk. There's been a lot of concern and confusion about (HB-1927) and as you can imagine anti-gun groups are up in arms, pun intended, about the new legislation. The bill is now in a special conference committee that is made up of members of both the House and Senate. They will meet and further discuss it, trying to reach a compromise to get approval in both chambers to advance the bill to the Governor's office.   

I have a lot of family and friends that live in Texas, most are in support of the new bill, other's are fearful that this could cause more harm than good. First off "Constitutional Carry" is not a new concept, as a matter of fact Texas would be like the 20th or 21st state to pass legislation that allows the permit-less carry of firearms. So all the doom and gloom predictions that always follow any pro-gun law are baseless and meaningless. We've had "Constitutional Carry" in Oklahoma since November of 2019 and so far blood hasn't ran down the streets, the wild west hasn't returned and no real issues have been reported.

Just like all the other states who have passed similar legislation. So remain calm, all is well, there's no need to panic. None of the nightmare scenarios and B.S. the anti-gun crowd is preaching is anywhere near reality! Otherwise the 20 plus states that have already passed "Constitutional Carry" would be in the news non-stop 24/7 for gun violence while the anti-gunners grinned and cheered for more gun control.

Sadly, I'm thinking that the anti-gun groups and crowd actually want these nightmare predictions to happen to further justify their ignorance and fearfulness. Not to mention it would prop up their tired arguments on gun control. It's like they're hoping something goes wrong so they can quickly turn a camera to it and say "Told you so, now let's ban everything." These people are beyond delusional, they're sick!

They've thrown up all kinds of objections and for whatever reason are scared to death of law abiding citizens who choose to carry a firearm for self defense. Guess what, the bad guys are already carrying guns. Even worse, the good guys are meant to feel like bad guys for wanting to carry a firearm and even the odds. How crazy is that? To me it makes perfect sense, but then again I've never been scared of law abiding gun owners and those who wish to legally carry a firearm for self defense. Our God given right to self defense and the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a no-brainer, at least to me.

I'm sure the Texas House and Senate will reach an agreement on the new bill and sooner or later it will head to the Governor's desk and eventually be signed into law. The basics of the new law would be that citizens of Texas who are legally able to purchase and own firearms could carry them for self defense without the need for a state permit, that's it.

It's about LEGAL, LAWFUL, LAW ABIDING gun owners who wish to carry a firearm. I know what you're thinking "What about the bad guys and people who shouldn't have a firearm." Those people are already excluded if they're a convicted felon, or use a firearm for an unlawful purpose. This is all about the good guys and our ability to protect ourselves, families and others if the need ever arise...

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