We've had it pretty good the last few years, but Summer 2019 is ridiculously hot. Heat indexes regularly nearing the 110's, high humidity, hair-dryer Southern winds... It's been brutal. It makes you want to sit inside doing nothing. You can't even get the fish to bite when it's miserable like this.

The National Weather Service is continuing their hot weather education as the mercury just keeps rising. Speaking to the preventative measures we can each take to at least keep ourselves safe. Drinking plenty of fluids is at the top of that list, but there's a wrong way to do that too... You see, if you're working up a sweat in the yard, getting overheated, the last thing you want to do is chug a refreshing cold bottle of water. The sudden temperature difference can send your body into cold water shock. You might just think the heat is getting to you, but it's the small things like heavier breathing, mild nausea, or maybe your arms or legs start getting stiff and sore. That's shock my friend, and it's not safe to experience on any day of the year. Instead, drink room temp beverages, and don't chug it.

You can also try to limit your outdoor activities towards the early morning (blah) or the later evening. It can be 100+ degrees outside, but if I'm on the back patio in the shade, it doesn't seem so bad. It gets old, yeah, but it's not as brutal without the midday sun beating down on you.

Also, your outdoor pets should be given really heavy consideration. I get it, dogs are outside animals. Have been all my life. But if I had a dog, I might consider letting it in during the day. Yes, it'll mess with your schedule having to let them out at lunch, but that pupper is your responsibility. Also, if you have the inclination, treat your pup to a little cold snack once in a while. There are a ton of recipes out there for frozen pet treats.

Try to stay cool as the forecast isn't very forgiving. It'll most likely be mid-September before it cools off enough to get back out into your fishing hole. Sure, there will be small cold fronts push through giving us a day or two of normal weather, but it's gonna cook SWOK for the next month or so.

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