I have an old cookbook from David's great grandmother.  I love that cookbook.  If I am going to make anything I have to check the Mace Family cookbook for a recipe first.  If there is one in there I have to make it over any other recipe I have. I guess that's part of being married to a Mace.  

The pages are yellowed and the corners are dog eared but that just shows it has been loved a lot. I want to share some of the "wisdoms" that she has sprinkled throughout the book.

My favorite recipe is this one:


  • Take 1 Green Valley, half dozen boys, 2 or 3 dogs, a pinch of Pecan Creek and some pebbles
  • Mix the boys and dogs well together
  • Put them in the Valley stirring constantly
  • Pour the creek over the pebbles and the boys feet
  • Sprinkle the valley with wild flowers
  • Let the deep blue sky spread over all
  • Bake in the sunshine
  • When brown, set in a cool bathtub - lightest of dirt first
  • Then they will be preserved as good men later

Sometimes when I'm standing at the kitchen sink looking out over the valley I can hear the giggles of the boys as they run around the valley and splash in the creek.  Their laughter coming up across the fields and into the kitchen window.

The Mace Place