No disrespect intended but I wanted to send up white smoke last night at The Mace Place. We have found the perfect socks!

I am married to one of the pickiest men I know. (He married me after all.) When he finds something he likes he sticks with it; Dickies t-shirts for instance. Well, we have been on a search for socks since one of the western stores went out of business here in Lawton.  He loved the Sorel socks they carried and I have searched everywhere for these socks and can't find them. I even looked on the Sorel website. They no longer exist as far as I can tell. So my quest for a replacement began over 2 years ago!

I would find a pair of socks I thought were perfect but they were either too thin, too thick, too short, too tall...well, you get the picture. I have a drawer full of socks that are not quiet right.

We recently made a trip to Dallas with some friends and they wanted to stop at Cabela's. We are not much for shopping outdoor stores but we went along and went directly to the socks. And there they were! I think I heard a choir of angels sing! We bought several pair, he took them home and tried them out and this morning we ordered even more online. They're expensive but if he's happy with them that's all that matters right?

My quest is over...we have found the perfect sock!  Now what am I going to shop for?