Fall has finally arrived, and we are looking forward to more new music, especially ballads.  You know I love those ballads!  Here's a look at some of my very favorite songs that are on the radio right now!

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    Thinking 'Bout You

    Dustin Lynch & McKenzie Porter

    This is one of the songs that I was talking about above.  New fall music!  I am loving that Dustin Lynch and McKenzie Porter both play themselves in the video too.  Somehow it just feels right.  And I love scruffy Dustin too!  The song is a mid-tempo ballad and the first of two duets in my countdown once again!

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    One Mississippi

    Kane Brown

    Can there be anything wrong with an up-tempo Kane Brown song in this Top 5 List?  I think not.  Kane's voice is so deep, but demands attention as he counts his Mississippi's as he is clearly in a hurry to see his love!  Love the concept and the song.  Who can forget the 'Friends' episode where Billy Bob Thornton says Penny touched his arm for 2 Mississippi's? I'll never hear the phrases counting Mississippi's without thinking of that Episode!

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    Sand in my Boots

    Morgan Wallen

    I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw the title of this song, I really thought it was going to be about a soldier, yearning for home.  Boy was I wrong!  I guess we've all be in situations like this one.  A summer romance that doesn't quite make it to Fall.  And all that's left is the sand in his boots.  Saddest line current in country music!

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    Sunrise Tells the Story


    Critter and I were talking about classic-sounding country songs just this morning, and I had totally forgotten about this song from Midland.  My son Tyler is a huge fan of Midland, and that's what initially made me stop and listen to this new cut.  Now I can't get the chorus out of my mind.  Great new music, and definitely overdue from Midland!

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    If I Didn't Love You

    Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood

    Not sure this is a surprise to anyone that has listened to our show on weekday mornings.  Critter and I both like the song, but as the second duet on my list, this one just has something extra special.  Maybe the way the voices meld together for a flawless sound, or maybe it Carrie's super strong voice and the way eventhough it's so powerful, it still doesn't take over Jason's voice in the song.  The song, the duet, just works.  Great song.  I'm seeing a number one song in their future.  But for now, being Number One on my list will have to do.

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    To Be Loved By You

    Parker McCollum

    This song is my Honorable Mention. It's been on my list 3 times and that is a tie for the record.  Luke Combs made the list 3 times too.  I've got my eye on Parker McCollum to see where this guy is headed.  So far, I'm a big fan of his music!

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