Last year was the first year ever that I took the Flu shot.  I had just never thought about it before, and I'm not really a sick person, so I thought I could take my chances like I have always done.

Enter, Townsquare Media and their forward thinking.  Hmmm, what would happen in a workplace like ours (and yours too, if you are understaffed), if one or two of your co-workers came down with the Flu and were out of work for several days at a time?  Of course it would be disastrous.

We talked to our friends at Anderson's Pharmacy, and with the help of Pharmacist Lucas Coody, scheduled a Flu Clinic right in our conference room!  With insurance, the Flu shots cost our co-workers nothing, and with no health insurance they are only $30.  Believe me, with a trip to the doctor and pharmacy this week for Bronchitis, that's a small, small price to pay to stay healthy this Flu season.  Shout out to Anderson's Pharmacy for providing this service to businesses and keeping us well!.

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