While it's still wintering outside in Oklahoma, spring is most definitely on the way if the extended forecast turns out to be true. Warm days, an end to frigid nights, one has to wonder when those first hints of green will start popping out of the golden lawns. Also, since we're still declining into a lull of covid cases, one has to wonder when the fourth spike in cases will start.

We've been through this three times already. The first big spike in cases in America was the holiday season in 2020. With a majority of people buying into covid as being a hoax and political fodder, people opted to have a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's, and cases spiraled to record highs. The moment everyone realized it was a real thing, we collectively started going about observing recommendations again, and cases dwindled.

Skip to last summer, the worlds foremost experts announced that "If you are fully vaccinated, you can go without masks and social distancing now" since modern medicine seemed to have put a dent in this pandemic... but it seems that most people only heard "You can go without masks and social distancing now" because new cases almost immediately shot up to even higher record numbers.

Once again people got back on their recommendations, social distancing, limiting capacities, etc... and the numbers came down again.

When case numbers were again at an acceptable low, the Omicron variant popped out and it spread like wildfire across the state and country. A lesser strain in terms of seriousness but rumored to be much more contagious.

The holiday season 2021 was one for the record books. The stats of new cases were five and six times the previous US records on a daily basis... Some days over a million new cases hit, hitting a million-person per day weekly average at one point.

Once again, covid is on the decline, but I don't think it's because people started distancing and whatnot again... I think so many people had it, we're just all temporarily immune to it at the moment with homegrown antibodies.

It's been a suspiciously long time since a new variant was released/discovered and we're heading into another lull... As the stringent and less-free European countries start to reopen borders and lax procedures, at what point will we start to see the next spike? After all, we've been down the road a few times, we keep doing the same things so why would results be any different?

Where to Find the many murals by Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT in Lawton, Fort Sill.

If you've driven around town you've probably seen all the murals we have in Lawton, Fort Sill. If you take the time to look you'll notice that they're everywhere. We're lucky to have so many talented artists that share their work with us regularly by painting murals. One name you've probably heard before is Justin Hackney and Spreading PAINT. His work of masterful murals can be found all over town. He's done some of the very best and has painted everything from rock stars to celebrities and everything in between. He has a style all his own and has painted murals in full color, vivid transposed negative style, and in black and white. Be on the lookout for his latest mural masterpiece he's going to keep painting them so long as people want them and there's wall space. Looking forward to seeing his next one! Check out the gallery below of Justin Hackney's Spreading PAINT murals and where to find them. We'll continue to add to the gallery as he paints them.

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