Are you a Cesar Milan fan?  I love his techniques, his attitude, his ability to rehabilitate an animal.  He makes me laugh when he wiggles his butt like a dog to show you a certain behavior.  Well now he says you need to live like your dog.  Here's why...Everyone knows that owning a dog can improve your overall health but Cesar says it can also teach you how to live your life.  This is what Tooter has taught me:

1. Take naps in the sun

Tooter thinks the best naps are taken on the floor in the dining room on a soft cushion that we put on the floor for her.  It makes her feel safe and warm.  I like taking a nap in the afternoon after a stressful day at work or after working on the farm.  Just an hour is all I need to feel more refreshed.

2. Treats in the afternoon are the best

Tooter looks forward to her "after work snack" as much as I do.  Just a little snack to hold us over until dinner time.

3. Greeting the ones you love with a big smile and positive attitude

I love coming home from a long day at work and seeing my dog Rowdy meet me on the road near the creek.  He knows the sound of my vehicle and always meets me.  He runs back to the house to try and beat my car to the driveway.  It makes me smile every time.  He's so excited that I'm home.  Then I open the door and there is Tooter greeting me with a wagging tail and a run for the back door.  I have to remember to do the same thing when David gets home.  Even if I had a bad day at work, greeting him with a smile and a quick kiss just sets the right tone for the evening.

4. Forgive and Forget

This is one I have to work on.  When you discipline your dog he gives you those puppy dog eyes and makes you feel just awful but 5 minutes later they are right back to playing.  I have to remember this when I get angry for some reason.  Dogs don't hold grudges and neither should we.


I tell my husband all the time that we need to take some time for ourselves.  It seems that all we do is work and then go home and work some more.  We need a date night once in awhile.  We need to get away from the Mace Place once in awhile.  My dogs love to ride in the truck with their heads out the window taking in all the smells as we go.  Although I love to be home I like to take in the sites around me once in awhile.

Now, if you want to read the real article, here it is "Why You Should Live Like Your Dog".

What has your dog taught you?