They always say good things don't last long, and that will be the case with this recent cool down in Oklahoma. Although it has still been in the 90's, it has been a welcomed relief by all Oklahomans. But it looks like the 100-degrees days will return to Oklahoma this coming weekend.

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As we kick off September, Oklahoma will be far away from crisp and cool fall weather. We'll get to enjoy temperatures in the 90's until Friday, Sept. 1, which is when extreme heat is expected to return.

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

When will Oklahoma cool down for good?

We've already been told that a majority of September in Oklahoma is going to be hot. Although the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is back, Spirit Halloween is getting ready to open and all other stores have their fall decorations out, we couldn't be further from it actually feeling like fall in the air. According to a Facebook post from the National Weather Service in Norman, it's looking like the First Day of Fall is finally when we'll see cooler temperatures.

As we get through September, we'll slowly get cooler but it's very possible that we won't see consistent fall days until peak spooky season in October. The Farmers Almanac predicted that Oklahoma's first front won't arrive until Halloween and that we could be a prepared for a chilly night of trick-or-treating.

Lack of moisture leads to high fire weather for Oklahoma.

This last bit of summer is not only extremely hot but also very dry. We all were complaining about the rain early this summer, but now we haven't rain in several weeks, which leads to elevated fire weather. Towards the end of the week, we'll see high temperatures, low afternoon humidity and dry conditions that will lead to elevated fire weather.

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

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