This YouTuber goes by Oswald Copperpot. Could be his name, or perhaps it's a good mix of Goonies and Batman meshing. Oswald is married to Josie. They have a house that took a pretty sizable swipe from a tornado. Oswald got it all on video. Basics out of the way, let's dissect this.

Like any other person living in a tornado prone area of the states, this guy goes straight for the camera as raging nature makes a b-line towards their livelihood. Knowing when they need to take cover, they do. The camera keeps rolling, even as they know the tornado is creating havoc on the other side of the house.

After it passes, Oswald is able to get his wits back and start to survey the damage. Sure, he's in shock, but he's handling this like a champ. Josie is losing her mind, which is also fine and understandable, so long as someone is focused on clearing themselves from danger. Immediately after, especially after seeing the neighbors destroyed homes, Oswald goes into safety mode, insisting they clear out of the structure and checking on the neighbors.

Before tornado season kicks off, get prepared. Stash away some flashlights, batteries and chargers to your designated safe-spot. I keep motorcycle helmets in there too, but that's just me. Water is a good thought, but extra stores of food wouldn't be essential unless you were locking yourself away in an underground shelter that could potentially lock you in due to debris. If your home does take tornado damage, get out. Always assume power lines are hot. Check on your neighbors.

Keep calm.

Don't try to process what is going on around you, just get safe. You can let it all sink in later. Armed with a little knowledge, if you endure the fate of the Copperpot's, you can get your head back in the game if something similar happens.

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