Something seems a little off about this clip. I Don't Remember Six-Shooters In Lord of the Rings... But then again, it's been years since I've seen that particular trilogy, and the only thing I do remember is that seeing once is enough. All the same, if there were some good old fashion good-guy gun play, it may very well be a classic staple of film history.

Honestly, with all of the movies being remakes and new adaptations of classics, why not improvise a little bit? Since when did Hollywood decide being all 'mavericky' wasn't a good thing? That might be why Cowboys and Aliens was such a great flick. It wasn't the plot, acting, or cinematography... It was the juxtaposition of cowboys and aliens. It was so far out of the comfort zone for Hollywood that it just made for a great flick.

They should just leave behind all these remakes... We've all seen them, they're all fine just the way they are... Make Hollywood weird again. Give me cult classics. The kind of thing you can't appreciate until years later. That's the genius that used to streak out of the hills.

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