Tired of all the pro and anti mask arguments? Have you been ridiculed, threatened, attacked or had your feelings hurt by somebody who's came at you for wearing, or not wearing a mask? Do you feel jeopardized and violated anytime you're in the presence of a non masked individual and or group. Well then prepare yourself for one the the single greatest inventions of our time. Behold the all new and already improved face mask gun! Now you can, from a safe distance shoot a mask on someone "in the face...in the face!"

Public health and the Second Amendment collide to provide us a uniquely American solution to what seems to be a uniquely American problem. The U.S. is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the experts claim it's our resistance to wearing face masks that's causing all the problems and why Coronavirus is still hanging on. Maybe, maybe not but either way we have to admit there are a lot more people who refuse to wear a mask here versus the rest of the world. They're everywhere, including right here in Lawton, Fort Sill.

Now this isn't about mask shaming or taking sides, this is about a guy who made a really cool pneumatic face mask gun and a hilarious video to go with it. I've never heard of Allen Pan- Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel but I'm a fan and subscribed now. No matter how you personally feel about face masks I think we can all agree this video and invention are incredibly funny! His commentary is fantastic and had me rolling. We're gonna get through this and in the meantime if we could just practice being good people things will go much, much smoother.

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