When you're turning six, you want a birthday party you'll remember. This young lady in Oklahoma got that and more.

KJRH - 2 News Oklahoma, is reporting that a lady Bigfoot crashed at six-year-old's birthday party the other day and things got predictably unpredictable.

It seems that the family usually does a fancy birthday cake for the celebration but that fell through for some reason, so they put their thinking caps on and came up with another idea. Hochatown, Oklahoma, is prime Bigfoot sighting country, maybe they could lure one of these mysterious creatures to their child's party. A few phone calls later and Mrs. Bigfoot, a.k.a. Cinnamon, was booked for an appearance.

The time for the party arrived, the kids were having fun, when one of them happened to glance out the glass doors into the backyard that bordered on some woods. There, quietly making its way across the lawn, was an enormous Bigfoot sporting a neon blue bow and tutu and carrying a huge bouquet of brightly colored balloons.

The kids freaked.

I mean, seriously, wouldn't you? It's not every day you're faced with the task of staring down a creature two or three times as tall as you and wearing a tutu!

The McPhersons did their best to calm the frantic children down, then cautiously invited Mrs. Bigfoot into the house. Eventually the kids warmed up to their unexpected party guest.

One thing's for sure, this is a 6th Birthday Party none of these kids will ever forget.

No doubt their psychiatrists will have a hard time holding back the giggles when this story pops up during a mental health session later.

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