Last year, a group of citizens from Frederick, Oklahoma, set out to create the state's largest barn quilt. And it looks like over the weekend, it was completed! You can now check out the largest barn quilt in Oklahoma in downtown Frederick.

You're probably picturing a bunch of quilts hanging up on the side of a building, but that's not the case! A barn quilt itself is like a mini mural - it's a square painting done in the style/pattern of a quilt.

For several years now, various people in Frederick have been painting barn quilts. There is a Tillman County Heritage Barn Quilt Trail that leads people through town to see various barn quilts made by locals that can be found on buildings, fences and homes. Each one is unique with different quilt styles and colors.

Frederick set out to make the state's largest barn quilt.

In 2023, citizens in Frederick set out to make the largest barn quilt in Oklahoma. On June 7, the group announced that it is up and ready for people to take pictures with! The barn quilt mural is located in downtown Frederick, on the corner of South Main Street and West Balsam Avenue.

The state's largest barn quilt is on the side of the town's Parts Plus building, which is owned by Box, Inc. It faces east, right onto Main Street, so those driving by can see the beauty created by the citizens of Frederick.

The state's largest barn quilt was stitched together by the community of Frederick.

The Facebook page Oklahoma's Largest Barn Quilt has been documenting the progress of the state's largest barn quilt. Over the past year, citizens have been getting together to make their own barn quilt to be a part of the bigger mural.

They also got local students involved. Students from Frederick Middle School painted their own barn quilts to be a part of the mural. The barn quilts created by the middle school students are set to go up on Saturday, June 15.

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