You've probably heard someone say that if the national debt was stacked in one dollar bills, it would reach the moon. But we actually passed that benchmark awhile ago.

The debt is now just over $16.7 trillion, and a dollar bill is about 4 thousandths of an inch thick.

So $16.7 trillion in dollar bills would actually stretch about 1.1 million miles into space, or almost Five Times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, which is about 239,000 miles away.

To put it another way, $16.7 trillion in dollar bills could circle the Earth at the equator over 45 times.

And at this point, you'd almost hit the moon if you stacked up the national debt in five dollar bills, which would be about 227,000 miles high. So, about 12,000 miles short.

To hit the moon with fives, we just need to blow through another $177 billion or so.