Listed among places in Europe, Asia and South America, Oklahoma City has been named a top destination spot for 2024!

Just about everyone has a travel bucket list, and it's usually to far off places, like Ireland, Australia or Thailand. But recently, Oklahoma City was named by Design Hotels as one of the top destinations spots for 2024.

Yes, believe it or not, a place in Oklahoma is considered one of THE places to travel to in the coming year. And you might be wondering why??

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According to Design Hotels, Oklahoma City is one of the best places to travel to because of the local food scene. Taste Atlas recently named Oklahoma City as one of the top 100 places in the world to enjoy local food. Oklahoma City was listed among places like Florence, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, which is a high compliment!

Design Hotel said Oklahoma City's food scene is "s far cry from the fried-chicken stereotypes of the Southwest, Oklahoma City boasts a dynamic, eclectic food scene rich with culture and character." Design Hotel highlighted Oklahoma City restaurants Stock & Bond, Urban Agrarian and Thirty Nine (located inside the First Americans Museum).

Plus restaurants operated by 2023 James Beard Awardee, Best Chef in the Southwest Andrew Black - Grey Sweater, Black Walnut and Gilded Acorn. And Ma Der Lao Kitchen, which has made top lists with The New York Times and Bon Appetit.

And Design Hotels featured boutique hotel Bradford House, which is "a Victorian-style house awash in shades of pink, tropical greens, and animal prints."

In the article, one of the founders of Bradford House, Sara Kate Little, "credits the meteoric rise of the culinary scene to 'young chefs who have trained elsewhere and come back to put their own twist on the fine dining they experienced in bigger cities.'" And Design Hotel said that the restaurant located inside Bradford House is also "a testament to the city's flare for innovative cuisine."

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