If you're dreaming of a warm Oklahoma, the extended winter forecast says keep on dreaming.

Oklahoma recently got its first bout of a real winter this weekend. All of Oklahoma was covered by an arctic blast that sent temperatures down to zero and wind chills in the negatives. And areas in the northern part of the state received up to four inches of snow.

Not all Oklahomans are built for a real winter, so many Okies are asking, "when will winter end?" Well, it looks like winter is just getting started. Big ice and snow events are predicted for Oklahoma this February.

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Before we closed out 2023, Oklahoma Meteorologist David Payne gave his winter predictions for Oklahoma. According to him, February is when Oklahoma could see some big ice and snow events. So we're not out of the woods of winter yet - it's just getting started. Plus, Payne said, historically, February is when Oklahoma typically sees the most snow.

Remember February 2021?

We've been talking about the winter storm and arctic blast Oklahoma received in February 2021. This recent arctic blast was actually colder than that of February 2021 but without the massive amounts of precipitation. But February 2024 is shaping up to be very similar to that of 2021.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac's long range forecast for Texas and Oklahoma, most of February will be wet and cold.

  • February 1-8: Sunny; cold, then mild
  • February 9-14: Rain and snow showers north, showers south; very cold
  • February 15-22: Sunny, chilly north; isolated showers, warm south
  • February 23-29: Showers, then sunny; mild

As we all know, weather in Oklahoma can be unpredictable! So as always, we'll just have to wait and see.

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