Oklahoma will be watching more than just the Super Bowl this Sunday. They'll also be looking up at the sky for snow flurries!

Although an early spring was predicted for Oklahoma, it looks like winter is coming back to the Sooner State for Super Bowl Sunday. As the days go by, the snow potential for Oklahoma continues to increase!

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According to the National Weather Service in Norman, "there is a medium-to-high probability for snow accumulation across northern and western Oklahoma. Accumulations of  two to four inches appear likely, localized higher amounts are also possible."

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

The meteorologists who cried "snow!"

Last week, several viral meteorologists were calling for chill temperatures and snow for this weekend, but local meteorologists hadn't even muttered a word. Plus, people's weather apps were saying otherwise. But now the locals meteorologists are singing the same tune as we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday.

The Oklahoma Mesonet has fittingly dubbed this weekend's winter storm "Supersnow Sunday!" They're saying Sunday will be "dramatic as heck" with the weather coupled with the big game.

Will it be bitterly cold?

Over the years, Oklahomans have become accustomed to bitter cold temperatures with snow. But it looks like temperatures will just be cool enough for snow to fall, whether or not the ground will be cool enough for it to stick is a different story. Although, it doesn't look like Oklahomans will see any temperatures below normal for this time of year.

After Sunday, we'll jump back into this beautiful 60-degree weather.

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

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