It's already been a long, hot summer and we aren't even halfway through it yet. We have to be setting and breaking records for the heat. If not, I hate to think how much hotter and longer this will go on. It's been a brutally hot summer in the Sooner State and we could all use a break from Mother Nature's moodiness.


If you're looking to get a reprieve from the sweltering and oppressive heat head to Clinton, OK. and visit the Water Zoo Indoor Water Park. It's one of Oklahoma's coolest places to cool off. A year-round tropical paradise where the sun is shining and it's always 83 degrees. It's an amazing and refreshing good time.

Water Zoo Indoor Water Park in Clinton, OK. is the perfect place to cool off this summer Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park

Here's the best part, you won't have to worry about the heat and getting sunburned. The Water Zoo Indoor Water Park in Clinton, OK. will keep you protected from Mother Nature's moodiness and the sun. So you can enjoy all the water slides, pools, lazy rivers, and all the other water attractions without all the summer heat.


Right now we could all use a short break from the day-to-day grind, not to mention a break from the heat. This place looks amazing and refreshing. It's just a short hour and a half drive from Lawton, Fort Sill so it won't take long to get there depending on where you live. You can opt for a day-pass or the stay-and-play.

Hit play on the video below to learn more about Clinton, OK's Water Zoo Indoor Water Park

With TONS of slides, pools, splash pads, and other water attractions the Water Zoo Indoor Water Park has something for the entire family, young and old alike. It's located at 1900 Boulevard of Champions in Clinton, OK. right off I-40 use Exit 65A. Their summer hours of operation are 10:00-am to 8:00-pm 7 days a week until Sunday, August 6th (08-06-23). Then the hours will change for the water park's fall and winter schedule.


Not only is Clinton's Water Zoo Indoor Water Park the perfect place to cool down this summer but anytime. It's open year-round so if you were wanting to go swimming and hit the slides during the bitter cold of winter you can. How cool is that? Before the summer's over and the kids are back in school the family and I have to make the trip and take a quick weekend mini-staycation at the Water Zoo Indoor Water Park in Clinton, OK.

It's an indoor tropical paradise where it's always sunny and 83 degrees all year round Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park

If you're looking to beat the heat you can get all the ticket information and specials by visiting the Water Zoo Indoor Water Park official website. Again they have day passes and special offers for later afternoon hours. You can also stay and play. There's a Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn right next door to the water park. You can get a discount, of up to 25% off by purchasing the stay-and-play package online. Click for details.


The Water Zoo Indoor Water Park also offers special group pricing for birthdays, reunions, graduations, and just about every other kind of get-together you can think of. You can stay at one of the hotels, or at the nearby campsite. You can stay up to date with everything that's going on at the water park including special discounts and offers by visiting the official website or by checking them out on their Facebook page.

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