Weeks before the cowboys arrive to compete in the 77th Annual Lawton Rangers Rodeo, the Rangers are practicing the Grand Entry to make sure everyone knows their job and placement for the rodeo  August 8-11.

Last night, I was invited by a friend to come out to the L. O. Ranch Arena on the East side of Lawton to watch practice.  I love the rodeo, and thought, why not?  When I arrived, there was absolutely no one in the parking lot.  I called my friend and was instructed to come around to the back.  What I found was a whole new world.  Trucks and horse trailers, riders and horses, and lots and lots of Lawton Rangers, all making the preparations to make for a perfect Grand Entry.

Rodeo Chairman, Mark McDonald said, "We practice for several hours every Sunday night.  We want to make it a good show in August."  What other plans are there for the rodeo?  "We are so happy to be a park of the fund-raising efforts for the Cancer Center of Southwest Oklahoma", McDonald said. "On Friday night, it's Pink Night at the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, and a portion of the ticket price will all go the the Cancer Center."

What is your very favorite part of the rodeo?

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