The 74th Annual Lawton Rangers Rodeo begins tonight at the L. O. Ranch Arena.  A bittersweet weekend for 2011-2012 Rodeo Queen, Karyn Ortega, as her reign comes to an end.


Karyn and her mom stopped by the KLAW Studio today to do what she has been doing for the entire last year; promoting the Lawton Rangers.  Her job has included interviews, and participating in Ranger events, riding in parades, and will conclude with her carrying the Oklahoma Flag each night of the 4 day rodeo.  Highlights from her Queen career included traveling to Ft. Worth for their parade and winning 8 parades and setting pivots for many rodeos.  You can hear Kayrn's entire interview here:

So, what does it take to be a Rodeo Queen?  Well, according to Don Reed, the Lawton Ranger in charge of Queen candidates, they must be between the ages of 13-19 years (they can TURN 20 during their rein but cannot be 20 when signing up).  A meeting is set up in May where  they are given the rules about who they can contact and who they cannot contact, it is explained to them if they reach $5,000 in ad sells they will automatically win a saddle! The combined total of ads, tickets and trailer ads is how they win!  In addition to the saddle, they win a buckle and a trailer if they win Rodeo Queen.

The top row pictures the past Rodeo Queens, and the new candidates are shown with Lawton Ranger, Don Reed.


Reed added, "They must not be married, and candidates must be able to ride.  Plus, they must wear long sleeves. That's a requirement of PRCA rules."

The new Lawton Rangers Rodeo Queen will be crowned on Saturday night of the rodeo, that begins tonight and runs through Saturday.

Did you ever dream of being in the rodeo?

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