Does this make my nose look fat? Wonder why I talk funny with this on my nose?  Now I know how Rudolph felt!  Red Nose Day has come to the Morning Crew.

Red Nose Day 2019 is Today, May 23, 2019.  It is a day set aside to help raise awareness and contributions to help children in need, whether it be hunger, school supplies or shelter.  Helping kids one 'nose' at a time.

Red Noses are available exclusively at Walgreen's.  The cost is $2 and $1.30 of every nose sold goes to the fundraising effort.  There are 5 different noses available, all of them benefit different needs of children.  Critter got ROJO who's super power is to deliver medication to children fast. Mine was the classic Ruby who gives power to help fight childhood poverty. At our local Walgreen's you'll get a Coupon good for 20% off of a $10 purchase.  Walgreen's does not profit from selling noses.

How can you help? The most obvious answer is to buy a red nose, but there are other opportunities as well.  Watch NBC tonight for their prime time special featuring country star Blake Shelton and fellow The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson, along with a host of others, or visit Red Nose Day to donate online and see sneak peaks of tonight's show!

This year Boy's and Girl's Club of America has been named as a non-profit partner of Red Nose Day 2019.

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