What do Sabrina Carpenter and one of Oklahoma's most famous meteorologists have in common? Tornado warnings.

During Carpenter's performance in the United Kingdom at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, she performed her song "Tornado Warnings" on the festival's main stage. When she picked up her guitar to play the song, it had started raining at the festival, which was held in Luton in the United Kingdom.

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While she was performing, the screen behind her showed various videos and images of tornadoes and radars, plus a snippet of Oklahoma's own famous meteorologist Gary England. The video could be seen in various TikTok videos festival-goers posted online. And if they came across the feeds of those in Oklahoma, they immediately recognized the face of the state's most beloved meteorologist.

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Carpenter herself even posted a photo on her Instagram of her singing with England in the background during her set, which of course was the coolest thing to her fans in Oklahoma.

Fun fact: the same footage Carpenter used of England is what was used in the 1996 film "Twister."

The meaning of Carpenter's 'Tornado Warnings.'

In Oklahoma, a tornado warning is when people begin taking cover. But when Carpenter tells her crowds what "Tornado Warnings" is about, Oklahomans are little baffled when she says it's about a real life moment in her life when she was in a park with someone she cared about, and they were sitting on a seesaw when they both received a tornado warning on their phones at the same time.

She doesn't say whether they ran for cover or not, but she took the warning as an actual sign of that's where she wasn't supposed to be anymore.

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