It looks like we'll be getting a new social media platform sometime soon. I'm sure you've heard all the rumors and speculation over the past year or so about Donald Trump creating his own social media platform. Well, it's true and it'll be launching early next year. As you can imagine it's causing quite a bit of controversy.

The new social media platform will be called TRUTH Social and they're expecting it to be up and running by the first quarter of 2022 and well before the mid-term elections in November.

Just recently it was announced that investors are providing around 1 Billion dollars to help fund the new project and company. A merger between TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group) and DWAC (Digital World Acquisition Corporation) will make the new platform and service a publicly-traded company.

So what will make TRUTH Social different from all the other social sites and platforms? If you visit the official pre-launch site it states: "TRUTH Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology." So will you be signing up and joining the new platform "TRUTH Social" when it's launched next year? 

Not only will Trump have his own social media platform he'll also have his own streaming or VOD service as well called TMTG Plus, that according to those involved will feature "non-woke" programming.

This has certain people in an uproar and more than a few big tech companies and politicians scared. As a matter of fact, they're already investigating TMTG/DWAC along with trying to identify investors. Some say in an effort to stall or stop Trump from launching the new company, especially before the mid-terms.

Why all the fear? Well, for one they won't be able to block, suspend or censor Trump or anyone else who's on the platform. Right now the big tech/social companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube play the favorites game. Anyone who doesn't agree, says, or does something they disagree with gets censored, more like booted off the platform. So what's the easiest and fastest way to end political discrimination online?

Easy, start your own social media and streaming platform! It's hilarious that these big tech companies who have wielded the ban hammer for so long are now terrified and crying foul. It's about to get really wild!

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