It has been months since ammunition could readily be found on store shelves. Most mornings throughout this last year has started about the same. People adorned in lavish neck-beards lined up outside stores, patiently waiting to strip whatever freedom seeds were being offered for a cash bounty. It created a secondary market for ammunition reselling. For anyone that wasn't already keeping a ton of precious metal in stock at home, it's been a challenge to both find ammunition and do so affordably. We all hope and look forward to the day things go back to normal, they always have and always will, but Winchester isn't giving a good outlook on it at the moment.

Ammunition manufacturers have been swamped this past year. Not only because of the pandemic and politics, the events of last Summer have people who would otherwise never own a firearm are now buying up everything they can find. The threat of a tactical gun ban has even pushed prices up on firearms that wouldn't be affected... Revolvers, low capacity offerings and such. It's been a true mad house at gun counters all over the country. With supply and demand being the cornerstone of our country, that in-high-demand ammunition has a price that will officially start going up. Winchester said it, others will follow... at least until things start returning to normal.

I remember AR-15 ammunition being $1 per round back in 2013, and people bought up as much as they could. Two or three years later, it was back to normal. I bought a few cases at $299 shipped. A thousand 9mm rounds was back down to $179 shipped. I bought a bunch of premium Minimag 22lr for three cents a round. Manufacturing finally caught up to demand and prices plummeted. While I believe we'll eventually get back to normal, I'm hesitant to assume manufacturers will make the same mistakes twice flooding the markets again. We'll see what the future holds, but so far it looks expensive for now.

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