Oklahoma is in the path for enhanced severe weather Thursday, March 14. All the way from Dallas, Texas, to Chicago, Illinois, is at an enhanced risk for tornadoes and baseball-sized hail.

UPDATE, 11 a.m. 3/14/2024: The National Weather Service in Norman issued a tornado watch for multiple Oklahoma and north Texas counties.

Spring severe weather will be rolling through Oklahoma today! And it looks like southeast, eastern and north east Oklahoma will be the biggest targets for tornadoes, high winds and big hail. A cold front will be blowing through and it's bringing some concerning severe weather with it.

According to the National Weather Service in Norman, some Oklahoma counties could be seeing a tornado this afternoon. So it's best that Oklahomans start making preparations as soon as possible.

What severe weather can Oklahoma expect?

According to the National Weather Service in Norman, thunderstorms are starting to develop this morning as the cold front rolls in. These storms could quickly become severe and produce very large hail, up to golf ball size.

As for the rest of the day, folks in southwest Oklahoma, at I-44 and east of I-44, could mostly see thunderstorms that could turn severe. Our Okies to the southeast, east and northeast will need to get prepared for much more.

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According to the Oklahoma Mesonet, the tornado threat for southeastern Oklahoma is at a significant risk, which means these storms could produce tornadoes ranging from EF2 to EF5.

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The wind threat is also a concerning factor as winds could reach up to 80 miles per hour. And a bigger threat, literally, will be the hail. A big area stretching from southeast Oklahoma all the way up to the northeast is in an area of extrema hail threat, which means baseball size hail is highly likely.

Be sure to be weather aware today, Oklahoma! Be sure to follow the National Weather Service and your local meteorologist to get the latest updates on weather. All Oklahomans know that a tornado can pop up in a matter of seconds!


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